An Australian eportfolio professional network

ePortfolios Australia is a professional network which supports eportfolio practice in Australia and beyond through professional development, research activities and the sharing of resources, ideas and practice.

Meet the ePortfolios Australia Organising Committee here.

What’s happening with the ePortfolios Australia professional network?

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Past Events:

Past activities:

Register your interest and/or follow ePortfolios Australia:
Contacting: Allison Miller:
Call: (+61) 0400 732 270
Email: eportfoliosaustralia@gmail.com
Website: eportfoliosaustralia.com.au
Email updates: ePortfolios Australia Updates

Or online at:

6 Responses to Home

  1. maximiseict says:

    NB The epcop.net.au link does not appear to work

  2. Thanks Ray – it’s been updated 🙂

  3. Rae Jobst says:

    Great resource!

    The link still appears to be broken – should it be https://eportfoliosaustralia.wordpress.com/??

  4. Thanks Rae – hopefully this link is fixed too :)D

  5. David Lang says:

    Thanks for a great day at the ePortfolios forum today. Definitely obtained some great insights into the use and functionality of ePortfolios in the VET sector and also as a valuable “self marketing” tool for showing career skills and development. Thanks for organising tickets for Adam and myself at short notice Allison. We will keep you posted on progress. David Lang, Get Qualified Australia

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