Would you be interested in an alternative ePortfolios event in late September in Sydney?

Following the cancellation of the ePortfolios Australia Conference 2012 (EAC2012) a number of people have indicated their interest in having an alternative ePortfolios event in late September in Sydney.

The following short survey aims to determine whether this would be a viable option. We appreciate you taking the time to complete it.


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Other eportfolios workshops in Sydney:

Other eportfolios workshops using Mahara will be run in Sydney in late August, as part of the ‘Digital Capability – Doing it Smarter‘ Program

About eportfoliosaustralia

ePortfolios Australia is a professional network which aims to support the use of e-portfolios in Australia and beyond through professional development activities, provision of resources and consultancy services.
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3 Responses to Would you be interested in an alternative ePortfolios event in late September in Sydney?

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  2. Dr Les Vozzo - University of Western Sydney says:

    Yes i would be very interested – I had earlier submitted a paper proposal and would like the opportunity to present the paper

  3. If you would like to present a poster or short presentation (6-7 mins) and/or facilitate a workshop (45 mins) or conversation (3 x 20 mins) email eportfoliosaustralia@gmail.com with a title and short description, and we will contact you shortly.

    Unfortunately due to the reduced size of this event, not all expressions of interest may be able to be incorporated into the program – See program here: https://eportfoliosaustralia.wordpress.com/forums/2012-eportfolio-forum-program/

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