Contribute to the fourth annual ePortfolio research survey

The annual ePortfolio research survey is important longitudinal examination of trends in eportfolio use, and, over the previous years, the Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-based Learning (AAEEBL) team has identified some note-worthy trends.

This year, AAEEBL, led by Gail Ring, Aifang Gordon, Helen Chen and Gary Brown, would like a boost in the number of contributions to the survey to gain a more robust database.

The research survey closes on 1 August 2014 – so please contribute now.

All those who complete the survey this year will be issued an AAEEBL-credentialled badge that indicates participation in, and contribution to, eportfolio research.

Contribute now –  Go to the landing page for the 2014 ePortfolio Research survey here.

We will share the results of this survey via the ePortfolios Australia’s various communication channels when they become available.


About eportfoliosaustralia

ePortfolios Australia is a professional network which aims to support the use of e-portfolios in Australia and beyond through professional development activities, provision of resources and consultancy services.
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