Eportfolio use in Schools: Webinar Resources

Eportfolio use in schools is alive and well both in helping students become creative and innovative thinkers, as well as helping student and experienced teachers learn how to use eportfolios to demonstrate their skills and experiences against their sector’s professional standards.

Jill Margerison, The Southport School, and Mary Gallagher, Australian Catholic University, both shared their use of eportfolios in schools as part of the ePortfolios Australia 2014 webinar series this week.

Jill shared how eportfolios are supporting participatory learning for middle school students through group work using the “Group” function of the Mahara eportfolio tool. Jill’s students are also using their eportfolio to express their innovation and creativity through showcasing their learning via their eportfolio.

Mary shared how eportfolios are supporting student teachers demonstrate how they can meet the professional requirements for the Teaching Quality Institute (TQI) in the Australian Capital Territory to gain their teacher registration.  TQI also are supporting the on-going use of portfolios for experienced teachers by providing a Mahara eportfolio profile for all teachers.

You can enjoy these stories through the following resources:

Click here to can view the Eportfolios for Employability webinar resources from earlier this year.

ePortfolios Australia will continue to host these free eportfolio webinars in 2015, so if you:

  • have any ideas for topics/themes for webinars,
  • have any suggestions for presenters or can present yourself, and/or
  • can help organise ePortfolios Australia events

please contact ePortfolios Australia now – email us or call us on 0400 732 270.


About eportfoliosaustralia

ePortfolios Australia is a professional network which aims to support the use of e-portfolios in Australia and beyond through professional development activities, provision of resources and consultancy services.
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