Authenticity as the ultimate digital identity – Jeanette Cheah, Hacker Exchange – 2020 Eportfolio Forum Online Closing speaker (+ more)

Jeanette Cheah, CEO & Founder @ Hacker Exchange will present at this year’s Eportfolio Forum Online (Eportforum) on 30 October as the Closing Keynote speaker.

Jeanette has spent many years working with corporate Australia before co-founding Hacker Exchange, a tertiary-accredited entrepreneurship program connecting the next generation of leaders to global innovation cities.

Image of Jeanette Cheah, CEO & Founder @Hacker Exchange

Jeanette is also a renowned speaker at corporate, start-up community and educational events around the world.

Click here to view this video of Jeanette putting out her challenge to you to use authenticity as the ultimate digital identity.

At this year’s Eportforum, Jeanette will show you why she’s so excited about our future leaders, how innovation thinking can create the ultimate digital identity and how starting a start-up could ironically lead to a dream job.To learn more about this year’s Forum:

There are multiple registration options, including discounted pricing for low income / economic hardship and full-time students, starting at just $12 for a half-day session.

To find out more about registering go to:

2020 Eportforum Online is:

To enquire about the Forum or to sponsor the 2020 Eportfolio Forum Online, please contact or 0400 732 270.


Introduction to the ePortfolio system Mahara  

Want to know more about Mahara’s capabilities, then check out this upcoming ‘Introduction to Mahara’ session.

It is an one-hour free online event offered over three separate sessions on 28 October or 5 November to make it possible for people from different time zones to attend.

Register for one of the intro sessions to secure your spot.

If you are in Wellington, New Zealand, you can register for a free face-to-face event (current COVID-19 alert level in Wellington permitting) on 22 October 2020.
(Via Kristina Hoeppner)

Meet another ePortfolios Australia Organising Committee Member

Meet Dr Leanne Ngo who is one of our long time ePortfolios Australia Organising Committee members.

Image of Dr Leanne Ngo, Deakin University

Leanne is the Director of Teaching and Learning Innovations in the Department of Learning Innovations in the Faculty of Business and Law at Deakin University.

Leanne has been integral to Deakin University supporting and sponsoring this year’s Eportforum.

To learn more about the other Organising Committee members, go to:

To become or to enquire about being an ePortfolios Australia Organising Committee member – please contact or 0400 732 270.


Some other great eportfolio news and resources

Check out this other great eportfolio news and resources:

Some eportfolio papers:

Stay connected all year round – share any eportfolio news or ask questions via the
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ePortfolios Australia is a professional network which aims to support the use of e-portfolios in Australia and beyond through professional development activities, provision of resources and consultancy services.
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