Shut up and eportfolio

Shut up and eportfolio

Sacred time for YOUR eportfolio

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The ePortfolios Australia Organising Committee is pleased to announce the commencement of Shut up and eportfolio sessions for 2021.

These sessions will give participants time to work on their OWN eportfolio.

It is important if you are advocating eportfolios for student use that you are also an eportfolio practitioner and have personal experience in setting up your own eportfolio or eportfolios for a variety of audiences and purposes.

It can be hard to do deliberately set aside regular times to do this, so this is your time to work on planning, creating, or updating your eportfolio.

These 1.5 hour sessions are loosely based around the Pomodoro method of writing and will include discussions and sustained periods of eportfolio work combined with sharing and reflection time for attendees between writing (eportfolio) intensive work.

If you have so much on that you just need to plan, do that but no emails and no Facebook or Twitter, and try to avoid mindless web surfing. This is your time to do something for you and your career.

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Why attend?

Supporting the importance identifying and capturing evidence of our professional practice: 

  • Applying for jobs or career advancement
  • Supporting your own Professional Development Review (?)
  • Setting and achieving own career goals
  • Identifying and addressing skill gaps / opportunities
  • Reflecting on own practice to identify areas of improvement opportunities


  • Develop regular practice in developing and maintaining your own professional portfolio
  • Develop networks and undertake professional conversations of benefits of taking the time to develop and maintain your own professional portfolio
  • Role model what is means to a professional undertaking portfolio practice

Session dates and times:

  • 27 April 2021 – 4.00-5.30 pm SYD time – Sandra Stewart, Charles Sturt University
  • 9 June 2021 – 12.30-2.00 pm SYD time – Marlene Daicopoulos, Griffith University
  • 14 September 2021 – 10.00-11.30 am SYD time – Marie (Bernie) Fisher, Australian Catholic University & Misty Kirby, Global Learning & Teaching Education Leader

Format – 1.5 hrs:

  1. Welcome and overview
  2. Discussion / Catch up
  3. Throw ideas around about what you would like to achieve during this session
  4. Set time to Shut up and eportfolio (with intermittent times to touch base)
  5. Group sharing 
  6. Moving forward – Setting goals before next time
  7. Identifying next session’s lead (if one has not been nominated)

What to bring:

  • Broad goal/s
  • Ideas or be open to ideas

What you don’t need:

  • An eportfolio tool or space – this can come later

What’s your commitment?

You decide.  Attend one session, all sessions or just when you can make it.

Click here to register for 14 September 2021 session

For more information:

Call: (+61) 0400 732 270