2013 Eportfolio Forum Call for Proposals

2013 Eportfolio Forum

Digital Identities, Footprints and Networks

3 October 2013

University of Canberra, Bruce Campus, Australian Capital Territory

together with Pre-Forum Workshops on 2 October

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The call for proposals for the 2013 Eportfolio Forum is now closed.

Submissions included:

  • poster
  • 20×20 presentation (20 slides x 20 secs = approx 6-7 mins)
  • short workshop (45 mins)
  • facilitate a professional conversation

at the 2013 Eportfolio Forum on 3 October at the University of Canberra


Running a half-way, hands-on workshop on 2 October at the University of Canberra (computer labs available)

Call for proposal timeline:

  •     Monday 4 March 2013 – Open call for proposals
  •     Monday 20 May – Close call for proposals
  •     Tuesday 11 June – Notify outcome of call for proposal submissions

Proposal themes:

Proposals should relate to one or more of the following themes:

Eportfolios supporting learning pathways

  • Supporting new learners and/or learner pathways
  • Knowledge management
  • Personal/Professional Development Plans (PDP)
  • Continuous Professional Ddevelopment (CPD)
  • Lifelong learning

Managing online identities through eportfolios

  • Being a professional or working in a professional capacity
  • Ethical considerations
  • Risk Management – including privacy, ownership
  • Being accountable for your online identity
  • New/Digital era literacies

Verifying evidence through eportfolios

  • Authentication
  • Identifying and presenting useful evidence
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)/Skills Recognition
  • Credit Transfer/Articulation
  • Open/Digital Badges

Getting started with eportfolios and/or changing eportfolio platforms

  • Communities of Practice (CoPs)/Professional Learning Communities
  • Threshold concepts
  • Tricks to managing an effective eportfolio implementation
  • Interoperability

Proposals not falling under these sub-themes may also be submitted for consideration, but should justify how the proposal complements the main theme of ‘Digital Identities, Footprints and Networks’.

For more information:

eportfoliosaustralia@gmail.com or (+61) 0400 732 270

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