2016 Eportfolio Forum Keynote Presenters

Day One Keynote Speaker:

Professor Geoffrey Crisp, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) University of New South Wales Prof Geoffrey Crisp

ePortfolios – one for all, all for one

This session will explore the 21st century skills and capabilities that our students will need as they live and work in a world dominated by ubiquitous technology, increasing uncertainty and profound complexity. Our assessment practices will need to change; we cannot continue to give students static content-based assessment tasks that ignore the contextual consequences of working in a complex environment with many stakeholders. We also need to significantly change the ways we evidence and report on student learning. We will need to be able to identify students’ decision making processes when they propose a solution to an authentic, real life problem. We will examine some of the implications of this new educational environment and reflect on how e-portfolios can be designed to provide a more authentic and valuable expression of student learning that is aligned with the requirements of this brave new world.

Day Two – Opening Speaker

Ryan Tracey, E-learning Manager at AMP Ryan Tracey

A proposal to improve the efficiency of compliance training in the corporate sector through open badges

Every year, hundreds of thousands of employees in Australia undertake compliance training. If our regulators were to issue open badges, we could avoid countless hours of wastage.  Ryan will share his vision of how open badges could better provide evidence of a person’s experiences.