2014 Eportfolio Forum Keynote Presenters

Lauren Sayer, Head of Teaching and Learning, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.  

Lauren SayerLauren has extensive global expertise in the education sector having worked on innovative projects with schools, businesses and educational organisations across the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia; developing partnerships with educational bodies to successfully implement change.  Her expertise lies in professional coaching and support around teacher and innovative educational change.

Lauren currently leads pedagogical direction as Head of Teaching and Learning with the Royal Children’s Hospital Education Institute.  In this role she is working with a team of educators to implement evidence based innovative pedagogical models to support chronically ill children across Victoria.

Lauren has worked in various roles with the Department of Education, including heading the Innovations and Middle Years Unit at Caroline Springs College and as an ePotential resource officer. Lauren has presented at many conferences around Australia and, in collaboration has, created an Interactive Whiteboard Resource DVD for use in schools. Voted by her peers as Information and Communication Technology Education of Victoria’s ‘Teacher of the Year’ in 2007, Lauren brings with her a wealth of experience and an astute understanding of teacher professional learning to ensure best student learning outcomes.

Emma Fraser, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.  

Emma FraserEmma Fraser joined the RCH Education Institute in 2010, and as a graduate teacher commenced in a teaching role in 2012. Emma has a Bachelor degree in Arts and Sciences with majors in both Psychology and History.

Emma works mainly with primary-aged RCH students with diverse health needs and she initiated the popular Children’s Harvest project to engage young learners in a real life learning opportunity through the journey of food from seed to plate. With a teaching colleague, Emma has established the ‘Cookin’ with Kids’ television program with students that will screen on the in-house RCHTV station later this year. This program involves children teaching their peers how to cook meals from delicious recipes.

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