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2018 Eportfolio Webinar Series 

The ePortfolios Australia Organising Committee are pleased to announce the second of two webinars for 2018 on:

Eportfolio research – both in Australia and

Wednesday 8 August 2018 – 4.30-5.30 pm AEST

This webinar showcased eportfolios research being undertaken both in Australian and overseas.

Click here for the webinar recording

Click below for the webinar presentation slides


  • Dr Kathryn Coleman, University of Melbourne, and Associate Professor Patsie 
    Dr Kathryn Coleman, University of Melbourne

    Dr Kathryn Coleman, University of Melbourne

    Polly, UNSW Sydney

  • Highlight Tour: Global Tales of ePortfolio research and practice in Australia and internationally Through the global network of AAEEBL we have the opportunity to work closely through our practice and research in global ePortfolio communities and local research projects. This webinar will highlight research across the globe through our connections and interconnections in portfolio pedagogies, practices and evidence of learning across spaces that we see as the big ideas in the community right now. We will highlight a number of global projects and open to discuss how to build collaborative opportunities through the AAEEBL and ePortfolios Australia partnership.
    Associate Professor Patsie Polly, UNSW

    Associate Professor Patsie Polly, UNSW






Researching ePortfolios in Higher Education: The Process, Pitfalls and Epiphanies Our presentation will look at the practice of using ePortfolios in Higher Education, as well as how we have conducted research in this space at an Institutional and National level.

  • Bios:
    Associate Professor Stephen Isbel: Stephen is an occupational therapy academic

    Associate Professor Stephen Isbel, University of Canberra

    Associate Professor Stephen Isbel, University of Canberra

    with research interests in post stroke rehabilitation, driver rehabilitation, public health and occupational therapy education. He is the program director of occupational therapy at the University of Canberra. Prior to developing the occupational therapy program in 2011, he held senior clinical positions in ACT Health primarily in aged care and adult neurological rehabilitation. Stephen and his teaching team have used e-portfolios as a valuable tool to document a student’s developing competency throughout their course and particularly during practice education. Part of the presentation today will be letting you know how he has developed this process so you might be able to use this in your own area.

  • Dr Misty Kirby: Misty is passionate about improving students’ life chances through
    Dr Misty Kirby, Charles Sturt University

    Dr Misty Kirby, Charles Sturt University

    effective education leadership and high quality, optimistic learning environments around the globe. She is a learning and teaching academic with research interests in supporting globally aware, rigorous academic scholarship so that students have rich, more engaging and authentic educational experiences. I began working with ePortfolios with my teacher education students whilst at the University of Canberra where colleagues and I discovered the role of portfolios in forming our own professional identities as scholars. Part of today’s presentation will be a discussion of this research, as well as a national project Steve and I are running across seven Australian universities.



Where: Online in Blackboard Collaborate – participants will be sent a link via email to the webinar room the day prior.  To view the hardware and software pre-requisites for Blackboard Collaborate please visit Blackboard Help.

These are free events proudly brought to you by ePortfolios Australia.

Contact us via email to suggest webinar topics and/or presenters or offer to present yourself or call on 0400 732 270.

Recordings and slides from previous webinars can be found at:


Join us for the 2018 Eportfolio Forum in Brisbane on 9-10 October 2018

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