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2017 Eportfolio Webinar Series 

The ePortfolios Australia Organising Committee are pleased to announce the second webinar for 2017 on:

Eportfolios to support capability frameworks and development

Tuesday 8 August 2017 – 4.30-5.30 pm AEST

This webinar showcased how eportfolios can be used to support capability frameworks and development

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  • John Mc Inerney and Ruth Druva, Monash University
    John and Ruth

    Ruth Druva and John Mc Inerney

    At Monash University we have adopted an ePortfolio technology into our curriculum in an effort to better prepare Radiography students for job selection and the increasing demands of professional practice.

    One key goal for the development of the ePortfolio was to avoid a structure that was too rigid as this this can lead to reductionist approaches to learning (Grennan, Crowley, Quidwai, Barrett, & Kooblall, 2016). Instead we wanted students to see themselves as curators of this repository with an intellectual pursuit and an inspiration to be creative.

    Students sometimes don’t appreciate the value of an ePortfolio. In May 2017 year a showcase seminar called “Why should I be registered” was held.
    In this presentation, we will briefly outline the support pathway we undertook to support student’s development of ePortfolios along with a selection of examples of student submissions.
    Further to this we will outline what the seminar involved, sharing the outcomes of the format and the lessons learned from this.
    We will promulgate our future aspirations for ePortfolios in Radiography.

    John Mc Inerney is a lecturer and early career researcher at Monash University.
    He is interested in student’s perceptions of teaching and learning. While sometimes discredited as a measure of effectiveness of a teaching activity he maintains that student acceptance of an activity increases students engagement in that activity which will lead to better outcomes.
    He is keenly interested in ePortfolios and their ability to scaffold the transition from a student practitioner to a graduate registered professional.
    While he does believe that ePortfolios can foster creativity, independence, individuality and an intellectual pursuit which sets them apart from traditional assessment models he is not blind to the challenge of convincing others of this.

    Ruth Druva is a long standing educator across the academic and clinical field. She originally graduated in diagnostic radiography however over the years due to an education focus has undertaken additional qualifications to strengthen this interest. She now spends the majority of her time contributing to the clinical studies area across different year levels for the Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging curriculum at Monash University. More recently this has extended into the Bachelor of Radiation Sciences. Her research areas of focus are on topics of clinical relevance such as assessment including OSCEs, different technology use in simulation and facilitating eportfolios beyond the clinical arena. Ruth maintains her own clinical practice as a team member within a hospital network. This enables ongoing insight where improvements to bridge the tension between the clinical and academic divide are possible.


  • Sam Harris, University of Queensland – Leading with pedagogy

    Sam Harris

    The ePortfolio engagement process at the University of Queensland is led by the simple but critical precept of viewing ePortfolio integration firstly from a teaching and learning perspective. Leading with pedagogy will explore the implications of commencing the engagement process with pedagogy to the fore, and the impact that this has on ePortfolio use and uptake across the University. Several program-level ePortfolio case studies will be unpacked to show the process of leading pedagogical change in action, including the modification of existing learning tasks, the adoption of new assessment modalities, and the potential for improved tracking of student progress and achievement.

  • Sam Harris is the Learning Designer at the University of Queensland working exclusively in ePortfolio deployment and support. He has assisted numerous schools and programs across the university to harness ePortfolios for learning and assessment, guiding processes of outcome/assessment mapping, rubric creation, and assessment instrument redesign, as well as establishing effective workflows for ePortfolio deployment. Sam has a Master of Education (Information & Communication Technologies) and many years of previous experience in secondary education, education management and educator training.

Where: Online in Blackboard Collaborate – participants will be sent a link via email to the webinar room the day prior.  To view the hardware and software pre-requisites for Blackboard Collaborate please visit Blackboard Help.

These are free events proudly brought to you by ePortfolios Australia.

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