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2018 Eportfolio Webinar Series 

The ePortfolios Australia Organising Committee are pleased to announce the first of two webinars for 2018 on:

Using eportfolios to support Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placement

Wednesday 23 May 2018 – 4.30-5.30 pm AEST

This webinar showcased how eportfolios can be used to support Work Integrated Learning (WIL).

Webinar resources:



  • Associate Professor Laurie Murphy, PhD – James Cook University
  • Embedded and applied ePortfolios in WILStudents in JCU’s Bachelor of Business degree are required to complete ONE of
    Associate Professor Laurie Murphy, PhD, James Cook University

    Associate Professor Laurie Murphy, PhD, James Cook University

    three WIL subjects in their final year of study – BU3101 – Professional Internship, BU3102 – a Multi-Disciplinary group project addressing an identified issue or problem for an industry partner, or BU3103 – an Independent work-based project for students already employed. In preparation for these subjects, students are introduced to WIL and Pebblepad in first year through a skills road map workbook which helps them to connect a range of assessment items across their degree to relevant WIL skills. This workbook facilitates and encourages them to upload as evidence assignments which demonstrate the relevant skills so that they have an ‘asset store’ of evidence which can be used to create their CV ePortfolio for assessment in their chosen WIL subject. A range of subjects in the degree also utilize a variety of tools in Pebblepad for assessment (eg. Reflection templates, meeting agenda and minutes templates, or tailored workbooks) which ensures that at least some evidence of WIL-related skills has been collected by 3rd year.

    Each of the three WIL subjects then requires requires students to prepare and submit a CV ePortfolio for assessment. In the professional internship subject the CV ePortfolio is designed to provide evidence of skills relevant to selection criteria identified in a chosen advertisement for a real job. In the independent and multi-disciplinary project subjects students act as consultants and are required to create an ePortfolio which identifies, explains and evidences skills relevant to completion of the proposed industry project. The embedded approach to incorporating WIL and Pebblepad into the degree helps to better prepare students for their WIL experience, allows them to develop and present an ePortfolio as an applied and authentic assessment item, and to enhance students’ ability to demonstrate and evidence skills to future employers by encouraging students to activate their graduate Pebblepad account so that their ePortfolio assets can be used when seeking employment and updated throughout their career.


    Associate Professor Laurie Murphy is the Work Integrated Learning Coordinator for the Bachelor of Business degree at James Cook University. In addition to a strong focus on authentic and work integrated assessment in the tourism and events subjects in which she teaches, Laurie also co-ordinates the three WIL capstone subjects in the degree and has worked with the WIL team to introduce a voluntary Professional Development Certificate program which encourages students to engage in a range of extra-curricular activities to enhance their employability.


  • Dr Leanne Ngo, Deakin University; Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst IT; and Associate Professor Patsie Polly, UNSW

The WIL portfolio: An integral element in career development

Developing student awareness of career and employability skills is strongly aligned with

Dr Leanne Ngo, Deakin University

Dr Leanne Ngo, Deakin University

higher education graduation outcome goals. In our presentation, we will present a process for supporting career thinking and development using ePortfolio pedagogy, highlighting four key areas: stakeholders, work integrated learning (WIL), branding, and professionalism. We will particularly discuss the WIL component, provide an example of how ePortfolios has been used in WIL to build graduate capabilities and employability skills, and recommend key resources for passionate practitioners.

Suggested key reading:

Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst IT

Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst IT

Ambrose, JK, Delaney-Klinger, KA, Hoeppner, K, Ngo, L and Polly, P 2017, ‘Transition to

Career and Career Development’, in Batson, T., Coleman, K. S., Chen, H. L., Watson, C. E., Rhodes, T. L., & Harver, A. (eds), Field Guide to ePortfolio. Washington, DC: Association of American Colleges and Universities, pp. 60-70.

Web access: https://aaeebl.org/2018/02/05/field-guide-to-eportfolio/

Associate Professor Patsie Polly, UNSW

Associate Professor Patsie Polly, UNSW

  • Bios:
    Dr Leanne Ngo: Leanne is the Deputy Course Director of Bachelor of Commerce and academic lead of the Learning Innovations Group in the Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University, Australia. Dr Leanne Ngo has over 15 years of research, teaching and academic development and support experience in the application of technology and educational design in the practice of teaching and learning and curriculum development in higher education. Leanne was part of the leading university team of a recently completed national OLT funded project ‘Realising the potential – Assessing professional learning through the integration of ePortfolios in Australian business education’ (More information on project outcomes and useful resources: http://www.buseport.com.au). Her key research areas and work include evidencing student learning and professional capabilities using ePortfolios, designing learning experiences and spaces to maximise learning outcomes, and technology-enhanced curriculum innovations.
  • Kristina Hoeppner: Kristina is the project lead and community facilitator of the open source Mahara ePortfolio project working for Catalyst IT in Wellington, New Zealand. She has been using Mahara since 2008 when version 1.1 was all the rage and started working with the core development team in New Zealand in mid-2010. In her role, Kristina supports institutions around the world with their ePortfolio implementations and shapes the future of Mahara.
  • Associate Professor Patsie Polly is a Scientia Education Fellow who is an Education Focussed Academic in the Department of Pathology within the School of Medical Sciences (SoMS), Faculty of Medicine, UNSW. Patsie is recognised nationally as a medical scientist, leading teacher and innovative education researcher. As a UNSW Teaching Fellow (2016-2017), Patsie has infused her extensive medical research experience into the classroom by applying the latest laboratory research practice. Patsie strategically integrates adaptive lessons, ePortfolio pedagogy and collaborative communities of practice to allow her students to learn these career-relevant skills. Her unique method blends virtual and real laboratory experiences to break new ground in engaging her students as researchers. Patsie has led reflective ePortfolio implementation to develop deep learning of teamwork and communication competencies in students, contextualising acquiring these skills for their future as medical researchers and health professionals. Patsie has been recognised with multiple institutional/national teaching awards, funding and invited institutional/national/international presentations and peer-reviewed research outputs in research communication, virtual laboratory lessons and ePortfolio use.

Where: Online in Blackboard Collaborate – participants will be sent a link via email to the webinar room the day prior.  To view the hardware and software pre-requisites for Blackboard Collaborate please visit Blackboard Help.

These are free events proudly brought to you by ePortfolios Australia.

Contact us via email to suggest webinar topics and/or presenters or offer to present yourself or call on 0400 732 270.

Recordings and slides from previous webinars can be found at:


Join us for the 2018 Eportfolio Forum in Brisbane on 9-10 October 2018

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