2018 Eportfolio Forum Call for Proposals

2018 Eportfolio Forum

Exploring, Experiencing, Engaging, Energising, Expanding

9-10 October 2018

Griffith University, South Bank Campus, Brisbane

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The call for proposals for the 2018 Eportfolio Forum on 9-10 October 2018 at Griffith University, South Bank Campus, Brisbane are now closed.

For more information, please contact eportfoliosaustralia@gmail.com

Submissions are now closed for:

  • Poster – A0 static presentation which is pinned up at the Forum (both days)
  • Short (peer reviewed paper) presentation – 15 min presentation + 5 min Q&A – published peer reviewed paper (9 Oct) – click here to download the Short (peer reviewed) presentation paper – Style Guide
  • 20×20 presentation  6-7 mins presentation consisting of 20 slides which run for 20 secs each on day one (9 Oct)
  • Short workshop – 40 mins hands-on/interactive session (10 Oct)
  • Facilitate a professional conversation (Ideas Exchange) – lead a group discussion around a topic during the ‘Ideas Exchange’ working lunch (10 Oct) – no presentation slides permitted
  • Long workshop – 2.25 hr hands-on/interactive session  (10 Oct)

Call for proposal timeline:

  • 12 April – Open call for proposals
  • 4 June – Close call for proposals
  • Week beginning 18 June – Notify outcome of call for proposal submissions (including notification of invitation to submit a peer reviewed paper)
  • 23 July – Submission of peer reviewed papers
  • 13 August – Notify of acceptance of peer reviewed pending any required revisions
  • 3 September – Submission of updated peer reviewed papers
  • 9-10 October – 2018 Eportfolio Forum


Proposal themes and sub-theme:

Proposals should fit into one or more of the following conference themes and sub-themes. Those proposals not fitting into these themes should provide an explanation of how the proposal supports the overall event theme of “Exploring, Experiencing, Engaging, Energising, Expanding”.

You will be asked to explain how your proposal meets the conference theme and selected sub-theme(s), and the learning outcomes for participants of your proposal as part of the submission process.


  • Exploring – Understanding who we are and what we do
  • Experiencing – Getting out there and having a go
  • Engaging – Encouraging a frequency of skill and capability development
  • Energising – Creating excitement about what is possible
  • Expanding – Using real world influences to create and build upon existing our experiences


How eportfolios support employability/employment

  • Motivating adults to develop digital literacy
  • Connecting learning and experiences with the job market and career readiness
  • Dealing with disruption, innovation, entrepreneurialism and jobs for the future
  • Understanding and developing employability skills
  • Reinventing learning and adaptation approaches suitable for the workplace
  • Transferring experience and knowledge to fit new work experiences

How eportfolios support connections and experiences

  • Making life experiences relevant and explicit
  • Connecting education and experiences
  • Capturing learning and working now for use in the future
  • Explicitly making learning and experience relevant
  • Integrating experience into careers

How eportfolios support identity

  • Using eportfolios for reflecting, adapting and building your personal and business profile
  • Constructing and developing your professional narrative and identity
  • Understanding the facets of professional identity
  • Eportfolios for professional, academic and student accreditation
  • Aiming for excellence in teaching and profiling for jobs/professions
  • Connecting learning, evidence and professional experience and requirements

How to start the eportfolio journey

  • How to start using eportfolios by planning, developing and designing your story
  • Why use eportfolios to study and/or prepare for work?
  • What’s In It For Me?
  • Eliciting the meaning of an eportfolio
  • Is an eportfolio for everyone?

Technologies which support eportfolio use

  • What App, when and where?
  • Future of eportfolio technologies
  • Eportfolios and emerging technologies and the adaption of skills for future jobs
  • Disruptive eportfolio design and development
  • Supporting the ecosystem of learning for life

Event hashtag: #eportforum


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