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Evidence based practice / reflection against outcomes eg professional standards

Tuesday 30 May 2017 – 4.30-5.30 pm AEST

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This webinar showcased how eportfolios can be used to evidence outcomes such as professional standards.

The following resources are now available:


  • John Kertesz, University of Tasmania
    Linking design end curriculum management and eportfolios to respond to increased regulation in professional degrees.
    Following criticism of graduate workplace capabilities, teacher education providers face stricter regulation requirements. This presentation introduces a pedagogical model that links design end curriculum planning and essential ePortfolio management functions to generate comprehensive standard aligned evidence required for graduate professional certification and program accreditation.

    John’s bio:
    John Kertesz is the Lecturer in Applied Learning at the University of Tasmania, coming to academia after a career in the Australian Army and twenty years teaching experience from primary through to tertiary levels. He has a long-standing interest in the evaluation of teaching practice and the application of the National Professional Standards for Teachers to improve classroom pedagogy and professional learning. In addition to being an enthusiastic advocate of ePortfolios to evidence professional capabilities, John has a particular interest in establishing effective pedagogical frameworks for successful ePortfolio integration.
  • Terry Young, Kate Mitchell & Kym Barbary, La Trobe University, Evidence Based Practice – Aspiration vs Reality
    Portfolios are an ideal medium to facilitate the collection of evidence of learning by students. Increasingly institutions are required to achieve accreditation of courses by reporting evidence of student learning to professional bodies. In this presentation, we will outline the methods by which La Trobe University, School of Education have shifted their teaching courses and assessment for AITSL in light of new requirements to include evidence-based practice. We will discuss the strategies and design methodologies we undertook as well as the real world challenges and issues we faced, and make links to lessons learned and how they could be applied to other fields.Terry Young is currently a Senior Education Designer working at La Trobe Learning & Teaching. He has worked over the last 5 years with the Education and Health Science Disciplines promoting the use of Portfolios in curriculum and clinical assessment.Kate Mitchell is currently a Senior Educational Designer at La Trobe University but has a number of years experiences both in blended and online learning and in teaching practice as a Secondary and Vocational educator. Her recent Masters by Research explored enablers and barriers to implementing e-Learning experienced by vocational/TAFE practitioners.

Supporting educators to use eportfolios 

Tuesday 30 August 2016 – 4.30-5.30 pm AEST

Webinar recording

Webinar presentation slides

This webinar discussed how our presenters support their educators to use eportfolios.


Andrew Hill, Australian Catholic University (ACU) 20160722ProfilePicAHillCropped

Andrew is an eLearning Advisor with the Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC) at the Australian Catholic University (ACU). In this role he supports and develops capability in the use of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) tools across all faculties at ACU. He does this through the administration and configuration of enterprise systems, including policy recommendations. He works with small groups providing targeted workshops, as well as delivering professional development programmes across the Brisbane campus. He also provides a wide spectrum of advice from individual consultation to working as part of curriculum design teams.

Marie (Bernie) Fisher, ACU Bernie

Marie is an academic, writer, teacher and Byzantine historian holding diverse undergraduate and postgraduate academic qualifications in the following: BA/BSc (ANU), GDipEd (UC), GDipHum (UNE), GCHE (ACU), MA (UNE). She is employed in a senior leadership academic role by the Australian Catholic University in the Learning and Teaching Centre, Academic Development, Canberra campus. Prior to working in the Learning and Teaching centre she was a full time Faculty of Education lecturer in ICT, Education and Commerce and occupied leadership roles as a Course Co-ordinator for Master of Teaching Primary and A/g Course Co-ordinator Graduate Diploma in Secondary. In addition, in her previous work life she worked on financial systems design, development and implementation in industry and for both Federal and the ACT government.

Lynn McAllister, QUT Lynn

Lynn is the ePortfolio Program Coordinator, eLearning Technology Support at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Future webinars – May & August 2017 – Please let us know if you would like a particular topic covered or if you would like to present

Types of eportfolios 

Tuesday 24 May 2016 – 4.30-5.45 pm AEST

Webinar recording

Webinar presentation slides

This webinar defined eportfolios in context: pedagogy and technology – types of portfolios for learning, teaching, research and career development for health science and education students in higher education.


Kymberley Barbary, Associate Lecturer, La Trobe University

Paul Chandler,  Senior Lecturer, Australian Catholic University

Terry Young, Learning Technologist, La Trobe University

Thomas Bevitt, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy and Practice Education Coordinator, University of Canberra


What: Eportfolio Leaders Q&A Forum – ways of overcoming your barriers to eportfolio use

When: Wednesday 12 August 2015 – 5.00-6.00 pm AEST

What: A forum where eportfolio leaders shared their experiences and answered questions on ways of overcoming barriers to eportfolio use.

Click here to view the webinar recording


  • Heather Pate, Learning Designer, Edith Cowan University – Presentation Slides
  • Julie Seaman, Blended eLearning Solutions Academic Experience Manager, Box Hill Institute – Presentation Slides
  • Christine Slade,  Academic Developer (ePortfolios), University of the Sunshine Coast – Presentation Slides


Heather Pate

Heather Pate is a learning designer at the Centre for Learning and Development at Edith Cowan University.  Heather works directly with academic staff members in developing strategies to incorporate eportfolios at the unit, course and school level within the university. Heather is interested in finding ways to effectively increase retention rates and develop employability skills for students, especially from non-traditional backgrounds.

Julianne Seaman

Julianne Seaman – Over the past seven years at Box Hill Institute, Julianne has worked across a variety of roles including teacher education, professional development, and learning design. She has coordinated a wide range of innovations projects centered around ePortfolios, video collaboration, the BHI student induction program, and mobile assessment. As Academic Experience Manager within Blended eLearning Solutions, Julianne continues to coordinate learning design and professional development projects, including recently designing and delivering the Graduate Certificate in Digital Education, and taking a lead role in the teacher education strategy for the BHI Lilydale project.


Christine Slade is currently managing the University’s implementation of ePortfolios after leading the Early Adopter Phase in 2013 and the ePortfolio Feasibility Study in 2012. Previously Christine was a Course Coordinator, Lecturer and Tutor in Rural and Regional Sustainability studies within the Faculty of Arts and Business.  Christine is also the Project Manager of the two-year OLT-funded Experiential Learning in Planning Education research project. This project addresses academic standards and the assessment and promotion of student learning, particularly in practice setting.

Ways of supporting ePortfolio thinking – for students, staff and whole course design 

Tuesday 19 May 2015 – 4.30-5.30 pm AEST

The following resources are now available:


Lynn McAllister, Senior Manager – Student ePortfolio, Queensland University of Technology

ePortfolio thinking means different things to different people. Lynn will share how do they promote ePortfolios for learning at QUT and beyond.  She will share a couple of case studies of how this works in practice, together with strategies for ensuring mature ePortfolio pedagogy in the face of changing institutional priorities, staff movements, technological innovation!

Dr Leanne Ngo, Lecturer of eLearning and Sharon Berman, Curriculum Developer, Faculty Learning Innovations, Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

The purpose of our presentation will be to share some useful lessons learnt through our staged eportfolio implementation approach in the Faculty of Business and Law at Deakin University in a course, major and units to support eportfolio thinking. The general theme of ePortfolios in our faculty is to provide multiple opportunities for students to evidence their professional capabilities, as they relate to the discipline, with a view to improved learning outcomes and employment. We will be sharing some of the tribulations, challenges, successes and quick wins based on strategies that we have employed to implement eportfolios in business education. This includes implementation approach, communication, capacity and capability building support strategies for staff and students. The session will include examples of support resources used to scaffold graduate skills and learning outcomes. We hope this presentation will be useful to other practitioners embarking on the ePortfolio journey. This is part of a wider OLT funded project 2013 – 2015 titled ‘Realising the potential: Assessing professional learning through the integration of ePortfolios in Australian business education’. Further information please visit


  • Lynn McAllisterLynn McAllister is currently a member of the eLearning Technology Services team at Queensland University of Technology, working primarily in support of the QUT Student ePortfolio program (QSeP). Lynn first met with ‘critical reflective practice’ and ePortfolio thinking during her post-grad IT studies at QUT in 2002, when the QSeP was being piloted, prior to institution-wide rollout in 2004. While employed in the QUT library, Lynn continued to work into ePortfolio related projects and as a member of the Australian ePortfolio Project team. The QUT Academic and Professional Staff ePortfolio (APSeP) is at present in the trial stage and is providing the opportunity for more-focused staff engagement in ePortfolio thinking to support personal and professional development, career planning,  academic development and promotion.  Lynn is an active member of the ePortfolios Australia Forum planning committee. She is particularly interested in the capacity of the ePortfolio learning approach at QUT to positively influence students’ real world learning expectations.
  • Photo of Leanne Ngo

    Dr Leanne Ngo

    Dr Leanne Ngo, Lecturer of eLearning, Curriculum Developer, Faculty Learning Innovations, Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia – Dr Leanne Ngo is a Lecturer of eLearning and leads the Learning Innovations Group in the Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University. Dr Leanne Ngo has over ten years of research, teaching and academic development and support experience in the application of technology and educational design in the practice of teaching and learning and curriculum development in higher education. Leanne is a member of the Deakin University Cohort VII of the Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research. She leads the Faculty’s eportfolio initiative using a program course model focused on providing an evidenced based approach to the achievement of learning outcomes, assessment, graduate development, capabilities and employability. Leanne has both led and collaborated on strategic research projects with regards to the way that academics and students interact with and apply educational technologies as part of their teaching and learning processes. Her key research areas and work include evidencing student learning and professional capabilities using ePortfolios, mobile technologies uses for student learning and academic teaching practice, and technology-enhanced curriculum.

  • Photo of Sharon Berman

    Sharon Berman

    Sharon Berman, Curriculum Developer, Faculty Learning Innovations, Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia – Sharon Berman currently works at Deakin University within the Faculty of Business and Law’s Teaching and Learning Support team as Curriculum Development Support. She has been involved in blended and online teaching for close to 20 years, and has spent much of this time building staff capacity in the appropriate use and implementation of technology, focusing on best practice for learning and teaching purposes. In her teaching roles, she has paid particular attention to the development of student’s soft skills as a result of industry engagement and feedback from potential employers. As part of her role at Deakin University, Sharon plays a key role in supporting and implementing ePortfolios in assessments that showcase student’s learning of discipline specific skills as well as the all-important generic, transferable soft skills.


‘Eportfolio use in Schools’ Webinar

Tuesday 2 September – 4.30-5.30 pm EST

CLICK HERE to view the recording of this webinar (approx 1 hours – streaming)

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  • Jill Margerison – The Southport School – Jill will share her presentation called “Flourishing in Creative Spaces with Electronic Portfolios” and demonstrate how a participatory culture in year 8 and 10 English classrooms developed through the use of electronic portfolios. It draws upon the “maker space” theory of Seymour Papert and James Gee’s work on “affinity spaces” to highlight how students flourished in spaces that were designed to promote creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and autonomy.
  • Mary Gallaher – Australian Catholic University – Mary will share how documenting achievement of the Graduate Standards through ePortfolios through critical reflection has impacted her students.

About these presenters:

  • Jill Margerison has a PhD in Political Science and International Relations from The University of Queensland. She has worked for the Japan External Trade Organisation and speaks Japanese. Her interest in digital literacy and how it impacts learning and teaching influences her current work at Jill Margerison has a PhD in Political Science and International Relations from The University of Queensland. She has worked for the Japan External Trade Organisation and speaks Japanese. Her interest in digital literacy and how it impacts learning and teaching influences her current work at The Southport School.
  • Mary Gallagher is currently employed as a lecturer in the Faculty of Education on the Canberra campus of ACU. She lectures in Pedagogy, Sociology and Literacy while also being the Professional Experience Advisor, guiding and supervising pre-service teachers during their practicum. For the past twenty five years Mary has been teaching in primary schools. She has also been an Early Career Mentor and Curriculum Reviewer for the CEO.


‘Eportfolios and Employability: Supporting Workplace Learning’ Webinar Theme – Tuesday 17 June – 4.30-5.30 pm EST

Resources from this webinar are now available:

  • Michelle Reilly – Victoria University – shared how e portfolios are predominantly being used with children’s services students at certificate and diploma level to house placement journals, and to be an interactive support mechanism for students whilst they are away from campus.
  • Helen Lynch – Charles Sturt University – shared how a new scripted, scenario based, spiral curriculum is being rolled out for the first two trimesters of Associate Degree in Policing Practice (ADPP). One important feature of this new approach to teaching policing is technology supported classroom delivery with an emphasis on digital resources and curriculum materials. PebblePad e-portfolio is being used in the new curriculum as a learning and assessment platform.

About these presenters:

  • Michelle Reilly, Victoria University (VU), has over 20 years in Early Childhood Management roles, teaching children’s services full time at VU since January 2009.
    Involved with e-learning strategies since 2010, including: e-portfolio, Web CT and soon VU Collaborate.
  • Helen Lynch joined the Charles Sturt School of Policing Practice’s curriculum renewal team as a consultant early in 2013 to design and implement a system/process to deliver and maintain the digital, technology supported classroom curriculum. She has recently joined the Faculty of Arts educational design team at Charles Sturt to continue to work with the School’s new program on the Goulburn campus.

Eportfolios in Europe – Presentation by Dominique-Alain Jan

Dominique-Alain JanDominique-Alain Jan will be sharing his research and insights into“Eportfolios in Europe” on Tuesday 20 August, 2013 from 12.15 pm to 2.00 pm in the Recital Hall WEST at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Macquarie Street, Sydney.

Dominique-Alain is an eLearning & Technology Lecturer at the Teacher’s Training School Lausanne / Law & Economics Teacher – Gymnase de Nyon in Switzerland, and is in Australia to undertake research for his Doctorate of Education with the Open University (UK).

Presentation format:

  • 12.15 pm – Attendee registration
  • 12.30 pm – Welcome and introduction by Allison Miller (ePortfolios Australia/Vanguard Visions Consulting) & Jennifer Rowley (University of Sydney)
  • 12.40 pm – “Eportfolios in Europe” presentation by Dominique-Alain
  • 1.20pm – Q&A
  • 1.35 pm – Networking with Dominique-Alain
  • 2.00 pm – Event close

This is a free event proudly brought to you by ePortfolios AustraliaUniversity of Sydney – Sydney Conservatorium of Music and Vanguard Visions Consulting. Limited to 50 places.

You may also be interested:

2013 Eportfolio Forum and pre-Forum workshops

2-3 October at the University of Canberra


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