2019 Eportfolio Forum Keynote Presenters

2019 Eportfolio Forum

Portfolios: Reflecting, Connecting and Credentialling

20-21 November 2019

Australian Catholic University (ACU), Watson Campus, Canberra

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Day One Keynote Speaker:
Professor Tristram Hooley, Professor of Career Education, University of Derby, United Kingdom

Scrapbooking your way to emancipation: 
Addressing the tensions between self-expression and commodifying the self in eportfolios

Eportfolios ask student to create an online narrative of their lives. Such portfolios begin life as private scrapbooks of personal achievements and confessional reflections. However, over time the eportfolio takes on another purpose as it heads out into the world as an emissary for the individual, seeking to engage employers and sell the achievements of the student. As we move down this route the reflective purposes of the eportfolio are diminished in favour of a need to sell yourself to prospective employers. In this presentation Professor Tristram Hooley will argue that an emancipatory approach to career learning can help us to reconcile these tensions. This mean thinking about how we understand questions of politics and power when we are thinking about the creation and communication of eportfolios. It also requires us to have an analysis as to how we can foster reflexivity as a lifelong, career supporting, practice in all of our learners and to think about what role institutional can play eportfolios in this.


Tristram Hooley is a research and writer specialising in career and career guidance. He is a portfolio worker who is variously employed as a Professor at the universities of Derby, Canterbury Christchurch and Inland Norway. He has published seven books and lots of articles and reports. He is particularly interested in the role of new technologies in education and career and can often be heard arguing that despite the array of new tech, continuity is at least as important a force in society as change. He is committed to social justice and believes that educators have to be aware of the inequalities and power relationships that exist in the societies in which they educate. Such thinking asks people to consider how their practice can be empowering and emancipatory. Tristram argues that a broad and democratic understanding of career can be a useful tool in thinking about how we square lofty aims around social justice with the need for our students to achieve a good education and make a successful transition into the workplace. Tristram writes the Adventures in Career Development blog (https://adventuresincareerdevelopment.wordpress.com/) where you can find more of his thoughts and resources.

Day Two Opening Speaker: TO BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY


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